the first yougakusei strip

this was the first YOUGAKUSEI comic strip I made for Mind the Gap. Kate Neath had this brilliant idea of creating an infomag with Tsukuba U students specifically in mind, and I volunteered to create a comic strip. i didn't have much to do during those times so it wasn't a problem.

anyway, TsukU is notorious for its *ahem* dormitories. yeah, i mean besides being the university with the highest suicide rate... ain't life colorful in TsukU? anyway, if you can't read the comic directly on the page, just click on it for better readability!

hopefully, we'll see more yougakusei strips. your comments and suggestions, are of course welcome.

thanks for dropping by!

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Joel Chua said...

Hi Herb! Congrats on starting this webcomic. I'd like to visit your university and witness the exciting ... ahem.. life&death action.