summer at the library

you haven't experienced summer... until you've experienced a japanese summer!

mucho calorrrr!!!

chuukan happyou

for Luis.



everybody feels lonely sometimes. maybe often. some, hardly maybe.
but it always feels better to have a friend by your side, especially when home is far away.


grocery dillema

one of the most difficult challenges of living in japan is of course, the language problem. while some foreign students have excelled and or have managed to make themselves understandable in japanese, a lot of foreigners in japan still continue to live with very little to nil knowledge of the language. this can be especially difficult when buyin food and everyday household goods!

useful garbage

it can be amazing as to how much the japanese throw away! from electrical appliances to common household things, foreigners are usually amazed as the amount of things they discard. while they are recycle stores in japan where you can buy cheap, used things for the home, you can also survey the nearest trash dump and find some useable stuff. that is not to mention flea markets!

yes, japan can also be cheap!


earthquakes! to the uninitaiated in japan, it may come as a big surprise as to how they frequently occur! we all got used to it eventually.


bills and notices

paying for bills, reading notices and announcements can really prove to be a challenge especially with limited language skills! more often than not, we bungle up these seemingly mundane tasks!

nihongo lessons anyone? hehehehe